30 Tips for take care of colored hair

Hey, girls, did you have experience that colored hair for a long time, the hair extension does not look so good like before. the hair color also difficult to keep. recently made a collection of taking care of colored hair tips. 

tips for take care of colored hair

1.make sure hair are less damage. hair more stronger and healthy will avoid harm  before hair colored. But at least 2 month to prepare in advance.

2.Choose correct Hair dye products could make hair less damage. Try Natural or plant raw materials hair dye products.

3.find one top Praise or professional salon in local. Serve or hair product will safe.

4.Trusted Stylist is necessary for getting a satisfied hair color or hairstyle. Professional suggestions are so important for less hair harm when doing new hairstyles. Help you choose correct and healthy hair dye products.

5. The lighter the color of the hair, the greater the damage to the hair. Like golden color, need experience 1-3 times bleach, then could Show the effect of such a light now. Bleached hair will be frizzled, bifurcated, lack of water.

6. After the hair dyed 1-2 days, do not wash hair. Immediately wash hair will destroy the hair color.

7. Reduce the times of wash hair  2-3 times a week. Will help keep the hair color shinier.

8. low-temperature water or warm water wash hair. Hot water will destroy the cuticle and protein in the hair.

9.choose best shampoos for keeping color-treated hair vibrant. Gentle or plant formula is best choice.

tips for colored hair care

10. Insist on hair care in a salon or at home.

11. Reduce the times of hair dye, to avoid losing again.

12. Reduce the perm frequency.

13. Do hair masks care every week, you can buy hair film to do their own home, you can also go to the hair salon on a regular basis.

14. Avoid Chlorine and avoid dyed hair hit the pool of water, will make the hair fade. If you go swimming, try to wear a swimming cap.

15. Reduce the use of hot air blowers, try to dry naturally, or use a towel to dry moisture.

16.before colored hair, Trim the loss of the tail part of the hair.

17. Regularly trim hair, protect hair and prevent loss of spread

18. Avoid direct sunlight, try to bring hood sunscreen

19. Use hair anti-UV products from UV radiation.

20. Eat more vitamin C and vitamin B fruits and food. Or taking vitamin supplements. Keep your body and hair healthy at the same time.

colored hair care tips

21. Use hair color to protect the product. Keep the hair shiny and vibrant.\

22. Avoid the use of alcohol products to speed up the color of the hair fade.

23. Avoid sulfate, sulfate stripping color from the hair

24. Get A Comb. Use a wide tooth comb. Promote hair growth

25. Shampoo can add a little vinegar it helps keep your color fresh and restore hair naturally glossy.

take care of dye hair

26. Leave In Treatments. Reduce the degree of hair loss.

27. Heat Protectant. If you want use curler or straighter. Use heat protectant is very important and useful.

28. When dyed, the dye is added to the conditioner.

29.use dry shampoo in a normal day. Could avoid washing hair times and hair damage.

30.Hair nutrition spray to prevent frizz, add hair nutrition and moisture.

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