1,Is the hair are virgin unprocessed hair ?

100% unprocessed  virgin hair bundle. Hair was cut off from 18-25 years old’s young girl Virgin hair can be dyed, permed and bleached.100 ±5g /bundle. Hair weft are thick and full for one head. Best hair worth to buy, apply to Party, Date, Shopping, Travel and so on


2. Can you bleach and dye the hair with out Any problems ?
Yes , also once you wash it with natural shampoo the curl pattern becomes more wavy 


3. Is this hair 100% human or is it mixed with a slight synthetic or off brand ?

this is 100% virgin human hair and brand hair.


4. Does this hair tangle easy ? is it good hair to buy ?

No...very soft...feel like real human hair...hope you like it..very beautiful hair.. 


5. Is this hair good??

Yes, The hair is really good. It doesn’t shed much. 


6. Can i bleach this hair?



7. Can this hair be curled with marcels
Yes, it can be



8.Can you dye this hair?

Yes. You can bleach or dye it.



9.Are these individually packaged? Like if I want to save it in a package for later?

They are packaged together 




10.Is this really human hair ?

It feel and look as human hair. It shampoo and conditions well. Can take heat and just take care of it as you do your own hair. 




11.What kind of package does the hair come in ?

This is natural color. 100G/Bundles.


12.How many bundles do i need too have a full head?

Yes 3pc was enough for my head and I had some left over. 



13.Are 3 bundles enough ?

Yes it is.... I used it to make a wig and it was enough 



14.Can i buy a single bunddle

yes, you can 



15.how long does this hair last?

It depends on long you keep it in when you install it. However I think about two years 


16.How long was delivery time?

DHL,UPSEMS shipping

DHl: United States:2-3 days. 

Other country 3-5days


17.What measures you used ( inch or cm ) ?