Hair tips


Weight Hair

Each standard tress weight: 100g / pc

Hair size

Short length: 8inch-16inch generally a sufficient head 2-3pc

In hair length: 18inch-22inch full head can be generally 3pc

Hair length: 24inch-30inch typically require the use of 3-4pc tress  

Short hair is thicker, so long as a small enough so that a head Queen    

However, long hair shorter hair, it needs more work. Also you can select the number of hair.    

Hair texture

For straight hair natural hair, if you want your hair perfect , you can try to use more packages to make it more complete. Another style like body wave, curl, deep wave. Wave itself look more beautiful. So you can choose to cut bundles the hair.    

Sealing with lace

You want a perfect hairstyle, with lace off or the front is necessary. 2bundles or 3bundles plus 1pc lace closed. Of course, style and tress lace closing style identical or similar. After adding more closed or lace front, we can see the final results. Our hair is more abundant natural. Some accessories can make your hair become frightened hair.