Marley Hair Drawstring Ponytail 18inch Afro Kinky Jamaican Twist Ponytail



Marley Hair Drawstring Ponytail 18inch Synthetic Braiding Hair Afro Kinky Ponytail for Black Women Quick Wrap Pony Jamaican Twist Hair Ponytail Extension VAVANGA

  • Natural Marley hair drawstring ponytail 18inch  hair extension quick wrap pony is Convenience and beauty. Marley hair ponytail is Easy to install and maintain.
  • MATERIAL: High-quality synthetic afro kinky puff drawstring ponytail, the lightest matte high-temperature silk drawstring ponytail extension which makes it looks natural, soft, washable and full.
  • SIZE: 18inch long Jamaican twist hair ponytail for black women. Marley twist crochet hair ponytail which has a nice texture, and the breathable hair net comes with 2 combs to fix the long pony tail hair piece, and with Elastic Rubber Band updo extension hairpiece. Naturally blends into your own hair
  • STYLE: Natural Black Marley braiding hair afro kinky puff drawstring ponytails for Women. Lovely and cute afro ponytail for natural hair.
  • ADVANTAGE: Natural, Soft & Natural, and full and long-lasting long Marley ponytail drawstring for black women. Blends well with your own hair. It can be used in Halloween, Cosplay, Costumes, theme parties, and other occasions
  • VAVANGA 18-inch Marley Braiding Hair Drawstring Ponytail

    Brand VAVANGA
    Material Synthetic ponytail heat resistant fiber long Marley hair ponytail drawstring extension for black women
    Style Marley twist crochet hair Afro kinky ponytail Hair Extensions
    Braids Color 1B#, Natural Black Color
    Weight About (105±5) Gram/pack
    Length 18inch long Marley twist braiding hair drawstring ponytail
    Quality No smell, compact, Soft, smooth, Not Rough, lightweight, tight, Shiny and Silky
    Suitable People It can fit adults and over 5 years old kids
    Package 1pc/pack + Gift